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>Is anyone else getting spam that is linked back to this list?

I haven't seen this one. I have gotten some other aquarium-related spam 
that I attribute to someone address-mining in the web archives of the list.

>As you can see if i want to be removed from this SPAM! I can be and part 
>of that shows that it came from this list.

Not necassarily, it might just be unrelated, or it might mean to the 
spammer that they found your address in the APD (probably the web archives) 
and if you click then they'll know they found a good address. Lots of 
spammers crawl archives of lists to get email addresses, this may well be 
another example of that. I would suggest you *not* click the remove link 
since chances are that will just confirm that your email address is good 
and working and guarantee that you'll get lots more spam.


>Subject: Confirmation From FreshAddress.com
>    Date:   Wed, 27 Nov 2002 05:04:33 -0500
>    From:  karen_adams at freshaddress_com
>      To:    Len.C at sympatico_ca

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