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Is anyone else getting spam that is linked back to this list?

here is what I got this morning

As you can see if i want to be removed from this SPAM! I can be and part of that shows that it came from this list.

Subject: Confirmation From FreshAddress.com
   Date:   Wed, 27 Nov 2002 05:04:33 -0500
   From:  karen_adams at freshaddress_com
     To:    Len.C at sympatico_ca

Dear Len.C at sympatico_ca,

As you know, our goal at FreshAddress.com is to help you stay connected
with your friends, business contacts and preferred online providers.
Our records show that "Len.C at sympatico_ca" is your current
preferred email address.

To update this information, please go to:

You'll be asked to enter your password, which is "YSAQKV"

If you have not changed your email address, please feel free to
disregard this message.

Any questions?  We have answers for you at:

As always, the information you provide us is completely protected
by our strict privacy terms and our TRUSTe-approved privacy policy.



Karen Adams
Quality & Privacy Coordinator

P.S.  Please note that you have not been placed on any new email lists
or subscriptions.  To remove your address from our records, click below:


FreshAddress.com - The Free Change of Email Address Registry
http://FreshAddress.com - Bounce-Proof Your Email Address