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Re: Some of the effects of CO2 on micro algae

Thomas Barr wrote on the effects of CO2 on micro algae.

One of the most interesting posts I have read in a long
time -- and I find almost all of them interesting :-0

Are we (not meaning 'me' or Queen Victoria, but the hobby
generally) getting closer to how plants beat algae even
though nutrients are available to both in high plant growth

If I understand the gist of it, CO2 not only helps plants,
but also it gives them and edge over (some?) algae.

This seems like an even stronger argument for adding CO2
before adding high levels light -- at least for plants that
do well without high light.  I mean, if you have to choose
one or the other (financial reasons or whatever), get the
gas before the watts.

This might have been obvious to some.  But I think there is
a prevalent dogma that the purpose of adding CO2 is so
plants can use high light levels.  After all, high light
levels make some plants grow and other plants grow faster
provided there are enough ferts to let them make use of all
that energy.  I think lots of folks buy the watts first
then add CO2 as an additional enhancement.

Scott H.

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