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Re: Triple Super Phosphate

Joe Kopanski said:

> I use Triple Super Phosphate as the PO4 source for my
> tank.  Got a 2 lb. bag
> with the brand name of Hoffmann's at a garden center. 
> This is usually
> available at Home Depot as well.  Expense around $8.
> It does dissolve slowly.  I usually pulverize mine with a
> marble mortar and
> pestle first, and then mix it with a cup of aquarium
> water before dumping it
> in.

Interesting, but to me, it sounds like a lot of work for
little savings in money compared to, for one example,
litemanu.com or some of the enema sources.

Aren't the pelleted garden and lawn ferts intentionally
made to dissolve slowly?  Mayber that coul dbe used to
advantage in a planted aquarium???

Scott H.

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