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RE: Triple Super Phosphate

I use Triple Super Phosphate as the PO4 source for my tank.  Got a 2 lb. bag
with the brand name of Hoffmann's at a garden center.  This is usually
available at Home Depot as well.  Expense around $8.

It does dissolve slowly.  I usually pulverize mine with a marble mortar and
pestle first, and then mix it with a cup of aquarium water before dumping it

As for dose, I use a 0.1 gram spoon of it (about 10 small pellets) twice a
week for a high light, CO2 supplemented 54 gal, plant tank.  This boosts my
PO4 by about 0.05 ppm, which is what the tank uses every three days.  I
seldom test any more, unless I get off of schedule.

CAUTION: Don't confuse Triple Super Phosphate Ca(H2PO4)2.H20 a garden
fertilizer with Trisodium Phosphate Na3PO4.12H2O also sold at Home Depot as
a heavy duty cleaner.  If you ask at Home Depot for TSP this is probably
what you'll get.

Figure I have several lifetime supplies of this stuff.  If anyone's
interested...  send me half the postage, once I get it, I'll send you a few
oz. of TSP.  You can send me the rest of the postage when you get the TSP!
Better put one of these :) here too.

Joe K in Takoma Park, MD

Blooming in the yard:  Cyclamen Cilicium still and various Ericas showing
color.  Blooming in the plant tank:  three nice anubias flowers.