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Re: Stubborn orange L. arcuata

Carlos asked:
>I've been struggling to get them to turn red. Nothing seems to
>be working!

I had, like you Carlos, a really hard time getting arcuata really
red. I still want to make them bright red as Amano.

I have had some success by chaning to higher kelvin bulbs.
When I had a mix of GroLux (3000-4000 K) and Biolux 
(7200 K) the color was a dull brownish at best and totally 
green at the base.

I have had success at turning them really dark red, almost black
with my Hagen Reptiglo5.0 and Philips Aquarelle which is
higher kelvin bulbs (>= 10000 K).

But the "Amano" signal red color still eludes me. I'm currently
trying to induce nitrogen deficiency by totally stop dosing KNO3
and the new shoots actually is signal red, but the rest of the
plant is black red.

Please help me and Carlos!