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People also us "weed" to mean something grows very fast or
propagates like proverbial bunnies, or both -- so fast that
you have more of it or them than you could reasonably want.
 This use shows up more often in simily than metaphor.  One
is not surprised to hear, "That child grows like a weed"
but some audience shock might attend the apparently
infanticidal utterance, "That child is a weed."

As a verb, "weed" is equally flexible, it's predicative use
inherited from its nominal use.

Scott H. <SNIP>

To me anything that grows rapidly and has to be pruned frequently or will
take over is a weed. Of course that's my opinion.

When I am out in my wife's garden and ask "what's that ?" and she says "a
weed" and I say "it's pretty" and she says "but it's a weed", that means she
does not like it and it has to go. End of discussion.

OH well.....


"What you don't know doesn't hurt you, but it
 amuses a lot of other people."

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