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Re: High K levels

Several discussions suggest you must add KNO3 (or other source of K) to the 
tank. I considered buying some - but decided to test the tank waters first, 
with a turbidity test.  These tanks have been recently cleaned, replanted, 
but are still growing some algae. 

General info - mountain spring well water - KH, GH were off scale.  The tap 
water is pH 8.4 after it off gasses.  The yeast/sugar CO2 systems bring the 
tank water down to ~ 7.5.  After doing the test, below, I figure my hard 
water isn't all Calcium carbonate.  

Tank 1 - NO3 - about zero, certainly below 12.5 mg/l.  PO4 maybe 0.05 ???- 
directions say 0.02 but don't say what is not good. K - way in excess of the 
two turbidity standards in the kit.  Tank 2 about the same except the PO4 
might be as much as 0.1 mg.  

The K instructions say if the K is too high to a partial water change.  K 
test on tap water is as high as tanks.

Is this a problem?  If so, what is the problem?   It would appear that I'm a 
bit shy of NO3.  More fish or feed will just raise the PO4, which could be a 
little high, but its hard to tell.  KNO3 isn't the answer.  And I'm probably 
changing my tank water too much too often anyhow, going at 50% a week, trying 
to reduce algae.  I could use some advice from someone else with hard well 

Thanks,  Sharon

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