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Triple Super Phosphate

At www.litemanu.com, they sell Mono Potassium Phosphate  (KH2PO4?) and 
something called "triple super phosphate". I googled triple super phosphate 
and found this information:

"The other common phosphorus fertilizer is triple superphosphate (TSP),
0-45-0. The formula is Ca(H2PO4)2 . The P is in the orthophosphate form. Its 
ingredients are:
Calcium 17%
Hydrogen 2%
Oxygen 55%
Phosphorus 26%
The P2O5 concentration of the pure compound is 60%. Phosphoric acid is added 
to rock phosphate to produce TSP. The impurities in the rock phosphate 
reduces the P2O5 to about 45% P2O5 . There is about 2% S in the fertilizer 

The Mono Potassium Phosphate is $4.20/lb, but the triple super phosphate is 
only $1.49/lb. So:

1. Would the TSP give more P per tsp?
2. Would the Ca in the TSP change my GH?

-Rachel, wondering why she cares about saving under $3.00 in what will 
probably be a lifetime supply of phosphate.

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