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PH Question


It was recently posted that the fish and the plants didn't care what the pH 


But in a moderately well-planted tank (about 1.5 growing rooted plants per 
gallon - a new ratio?) with a fish load of about one inch per gallon, 2 watts 
per gallon of light, and no injected CO2, wouldn't the tank work better if 
the pH was on the acid side?  I'm thinking that the ammonia - ammonium 
conversion, which takes place in an acid environment, would make a 
difference.  Right?

And in a related question, is the fact that nitrates often have to be 
supplemented in a tank with growing plants due in part to the fact that 
"nitrogen cycle" is bypassed in an acid environment, with the ammonia 
converting to ammonium and being taken up directly by the plants rather than 
being converted to nitrites and nitrates?  Would the answer be different in 
an alkaline environment?