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grey brush algae

Having an algae creep up that I haven't seen before.  It is looks grey under the water sort of bluish gray green out of the water.  It has thin branchy strands like wool.  Grows on any plant or part of plant that isn't growing fast, mainly anubias, java fern, and micro sword.  But also on older sections of wisteria, water sprites, and amazon swords.  Most of the stem plants in the tank are growing very fast.

My tank is:
 100 gallons (setup for 2 months)
dense planted
CO2 injected with 6.8-7.0pH
 3 to 4KH
,NH3 0, NO2 0, NO3 5ppm
 300 microS
 250watts of light on 14hrs/day
 The substrate is largley sand, river rock and peat with some florite (minimal.)  I've dosed seachem K,Fe, and trace, these seem to have no effect on helping the plants out compete this algae.  Also have a 30 gallon sump with Pothos and Peacelilly (emersed) to help clean my tap water which has 20ppm nitrate.

Fish are ottos, cardinals, rams, 2 false SAE, and 3 SAE none of which will touch this grey wooly algae.  Anyone have an idea how to get the plants to smother this algae out?

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