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Red Lotus Leaf Colo(u)r

Why and how do Lotus leaves turn a bright red?

I have what I believe are known as a 'Red Tiger Lotus', Nymphaea maculata.
Actually the colour is more coppery-maroon. They form new leaves on a
basis, about 1 per week, but every so often, a new leaf is bright
pink-purplish red. Very striking, but unfortunately these do not last long -
one or two weeks max. I can't understand why they are formed and why they
forming. The water and light parameters apparently remain constant. It seems
that the purple- red leaves lack one pigment (? chlorophyll) leaving just
the red pigment. The light conditions in this tank are 1.5 watt/gallon with
6000 and 6500K bulbs (The light colour keeps the petioles short), but I
don't think there is a lack of light; The plants are practically flat to the
I think a clue is that the bright red leaves form when they unfurl in
shadow. Maybe its a way to avoid wasting chlorophyll?
Is there another way to regularly produce these brightly coloured leaves?
Going from low wattage to very high wattage? (chlorophyll can be spared

Any ideas?

thanks and regards


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