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Re: Flourite

David Brown said:

> . . .do not get the red.  It's just dust.  They'll
> probably stop selling it. 
> Search for my prior posts on this for more info if
> needed..

I don't want to start an argument.  I haven't seen the bags
that David has used.

But did want to say that the half dozen or so bags that I
have used were no more dusty than the dozens of other bags
of "regular" Flourite that I have used.  

It is dusty stuff when it reaches the end of the shipping
and handling.  I used to rinse the stuff like crazy and it
took a long time.  Now I rinse rather lightly.  Lay in in
the tank.  Add the water and the remaining dust settles out
within a few hours.  Best yet, the fines remain!

Scott H.

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