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Plant Problems issue#448

Some Information was requested of me from Aquatic Plants Digest#448

I used the test kit, and tested the KH and it gave me the following results:
6 Drops gave me the end result color the Manual says it is 1dKH or 17.9ppm
Per drop so that should give me approx 107.4 ppm KH.

I also tested the GH and it gave me the following results:
15 Drops gave me the end result color the Manual says it is 1dGH or 17.9ppm
Per drop so that should give me approx 268.5 ppm GH

The GH compared to the KH is so different can someone explain why?

Today i just discovered a whole batch of amazon sword leaves floating at the
of the tank. I removed the leaves and examined them. The leaves where black
at the end
closest to the roots. It seems that the amazon swords are rotting from the
base, but the
actual leaves are dark green and showed pearling the following day.

I just tested my nitrates and that shows 0 PPM, which i think is impossible,
im going to retest that at my LFS. My Nitrites are at 0PPM and Ammonia is
also at 0 PPM.

A reply to a response on my co2 fizz factory and DIY Co2 usage, i used both
because there was not enough co2 being produced from the fizz factory, so i
i would run both inline, to get a "boost".

A reply to response why peat? i used the natural ph lowering properties of
peat moss
to help me control the ph issues my tank runs a ph of 7.0-7.2 Currently
My town water comes out from the tap around 8.0-8.2.
But when the water leaves the town treatment plant it has a reported ph of
That is quoted from the town EPA report it sends out monthly.

Now a Question on Pressurized CO2 usage, can someone explain to me
why i need a ph controller, why i just couldnt shut off the co2 at night?

Question to Tom Barr: You say just use co2 to regulate the PH, just look on
a chart for
the correct amout, could you please explain this to me, im still trying to

Can someone out there suggest to me a good test kit that is a little more
than the drops i use. I currently have the Aqua. Pharm. Master Test Kit.

If anyone has helpful advice or suggestions please let me know :)

Thank You
Michael.Pizzi2 at verizon_net