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RE: Sodium Hydroxide in local drinking water.

>It states that sodium hydroxide is used in oder to raise the PH and
>prevent corrosion, thereby lowering lead and copper levels. Fine and
>dandy, but this will have an effect of measuring Co2 via kh/ph? I think
>I already know the answer.

I wouldn't know, but I'm willing to bet someone here does know...

>Also, is 10 ppm of nitrate sufficent for

"depends".  I love answers like that.  I've been successful with <10ppm, but
that was a slow growth, low light tank.  So, yes, but no if you
want to push it.

>Also, I don't have a source of  K+ or P04. How about using small
>banana fragments? Just a shot in the dark.

I'd be worried about rotting food in the bottom of the tank.

>Also the fertilizer I purchased called "Plant Gro" is specific for
>aquarium plants is 0.15-0-0. I've been reading that the addition of
>Nitrogen in general is a no-no. Here is the breakdown:

Sounds pretty standard, but you could easilly mix your own.  Much cheaper,
and you can make adjustments for your tank profile.

Take a look at the PMDD recipe (http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/)
on the krib for some ideas.  I've found that my adjusted formula works
better and cheaper than anything I've purchased because I can adjust it as
needed.  The chemicals are readily available from many sources, but I've had
good luck with home-grown hydroponics out of Canada.
http://www.hydroponics.com/info/aquatics/pmdd.htm.  For under $20 I have
years worth of th raw materials.  Add some K from KCL, and some Ca from CaCL
or CaCO3, P from K2PO4 etc, and you really end up with amazing flexability
in dosing.