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Re: Flourish nitrogen and Phosphorus

I was one of the beta testers on both new Seachem products, also. I will let
the others who have spoken to the "how and why it works" issues as answer to
those questions- both because they've said about all there is and I'm a
little fuzzy on all that chemistry stuff, anyway! :)

But I can tell you that they seem to work. The growth is a subtle in my 10
gallon, both because it is low light, low tech and I have mostly slower
growing plants in there. But there is one bunch of Rotala indica that was
kind of straggly and poor-looking for a while. Since I've been using the
Seachem Nitrogen and Phosphorous, it has filled out and looks much better.
Again, it is not a forest of stems, but the tank is supposed to be slower
growth. I do have to trim some of it back regularly now.

In the bigger tank, (55 gallon, 2x55w cf lights, gas CO2), I have both
ambulia and Hygro growing like weeds- these I need to trim and/or replant
just about weekly to keep up. I had the CO2 system in there for a few months
before I started the Seachem beta and that certainly started the better
growth, but IMO, it has only gotten better.)

In both tanks, the greens are better and all the plants look healthier. I
have had virtually no increase in algae in either tank.

Will I keep using these products? Probably, if only because, for me, it is
easier to measure and dose from premade solutions than to bother with mixing
my own. Yes, I'm lazy! :) They most likely will not appeal to everyone, but
they work for me! :)

In gray, rainy, damp, chilly (again!) NH

And if I claim to be a wise man/ It surely means that I don't know
      -Kansas, Carry On Wayward Son

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