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JBJ regulator

Hello everyone,

I just bought a JBJ regulator. See a description below:

Dual gauges..one for CO2 pressure and content meter
Solid Copper construction
CO2 Output line..silicone line connection
Needle Valve for precision adjustments
Superior quality German Solenoid
Light Indicator for on-off cycles
AC Power wire

I was wondering if anyone had any reviews on this product?  I guess I should
have asked this question before I bought it. I made the purchase because of
the post I had made about my 25 gallon tank. I think it will give me more
CO2 thus more stability for the amount of lights (110 watts of compact

Just as a side note, my PH has stabilized back at 7 with many water changes
(for some reason I always do water changes when things go wrong - creature
of habit I suppose).  Oh by the way the E. Stellata looks awesome!