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RE: using less light?

As with fish stocking the best solution is to observe your own tank 
and see what happens.  It looks like you are already seeing that a
 number of your plants are happy in this lower light.  Just watch the
 plants over the next few weeks.  They might grow a bit slower (not
 much) but as long as they are growing and aren't getting lanky you
 will be fine.  If a couple plants don't do so well then ask yourself
 if they are really worth the cost of a whole new light fixture. 
 Assuming they aren't, take them out and get another plant the will
 do well in lower light.


Kyle Williams
kyle at onebox_com - email
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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:58:51 -0500
From: "Adam N." <adam at xhaos_org>
Subject: using less light?


I have a 75-gallon tank that has a JBJ 220 watt CF fixture on it.  Two of
the 4 55 watt lamps keep failing but yesterday I noticed that I am still
getting good pearling in the evening even with just 110 watts CF over the
tank.  Over the summer the old lamps had gotten pretty dim and when I
replaced the lamps I got quite a good bit of algae until the tank adjusted
itself to the higher light levels. I keep fiddling with it and getting the
other two lights to work but am wondering if I should just leave it.

As an aside, if you are thinking of buying JBJ lamps, do not.  The look good
temporarily work well but after a few months fail repeatedly.  Customer
service is lousy.  They don't replace the lamps but for a while send you
parts and you have to fiddle around in there.

I have done quite a bit of plant trading lately and have some new
inhabitants and was wondering what the general thought would be on dropping
light levels from the full 220 to 110 watts.  The tank has injected CO2 with
solenoid; PMDD dosing drops as well as a few Kent products used now and
again, substrate heating and a four-inch bed of Flourite.

Inhabitants are

Amano shrimp 6?
Ghost shrimp 6?
10 Cardinals
10 Harlequins
3 spotted tatia
2 betas
6 ottos

Plants are
various crypts
Dwarf hair grass
marsilia crenata
Bolbitis fern
java ferns
java moss
Bolbitis fern

am I likely to loose any of these in the move to lower light or just have
slower growth?