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Re: Flourish nitrogen and Phosphorus

>I think this came up in conversation here once before, but don't remember if
>it generated much response...
>Seachem has come out with two products, Flourish nitrogen, and Flourish
>Can someone explain this "unavailable" form? Does this mean algae can not
>feed on it?

It means that the ammoniacal nitrogen is not present as free ammonia 
or ammonium per se, but rather is part of a more complex molecule 
that can be broken down to yield ammonium (by the plants). So, in 
theory algae could also utilize it as a nitrogen source however our 
studies and beta testing did not show this to be the case (i.e. very 
little to no algae growth, in fact many saw algae declines).

>>>When used as directed Flourish PhosphorusT will enhance and accelerate the
>growth of aquatic plants without enhancing algae growth.<<
>Can someone elaborate on this statement?

Plants need phosphorus for growth, thus if supplied as needed the 
plants will "flourish" and keep algae from taking hold.

>So is anyone using this? Is this a suitable alternative to buying raw

I'll let others answer this one... ;-)


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