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Re: Flourish nitrogen and Phosphorus

Hi Robert,

a bunch of us on this list were beta testers for that product, and there's 
been some discussion before. But here's my $.02 anyway. First, about the 
claim of adding the products without causing algae: sure, why not? It's the 
same thing that Tom Barr and others have said over and over about nutrient 
balances and giving the plants what they need to outcompete the algae.

I like the Flourish N, and will continue to buy it. I could see a positive 
difference between using the Flourish N and using KNO3 in plant growth 
(more) and algae growth (less).

The Flourish P is fine, but I have gone back to using the KH2PO4 because it 
is cheaper and less likely to make a mess on the floor when I get careless. 
I haven't seen any difference between using the Flourish product and the 
chemical from www.litemanu.com.

FWIW, I use the beginner dose in my 1WPG tank, and the other dose in my 
hiigh light tanks.


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