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Re: CO2

Scott Roberts is wondering about which of two CO2 systems
to purchase:

> Less Expensive System:
> 53.95               KegWorks Beer Regulator
> 14.91               ARO FO1 Needle Valve
> $68.86 Total
> More Expensive System
> 47.60  B-SS4        Swagelok Nupro S Needle Valve
>    .50  B-405-3      Brass Insert for Tubing, 1/4"OD -
> 3/16" ID
> 40.65  R83-200-RNEA Norgren Regulator
>   6.00  18-008-002   Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Connector
> 18.35  18-013-244   2000psig Gauge
>   9.15  18-013-083   60psig gauge
>   7.45  16-009-001   1/4" PTF male to 1/4" tube
> $129.70 Total
 I personally do not like the plastic ARO valve -- bought
one; tried it, threw it away.  Some folks have used them
and been satisfied.  The swagelok is pricey but very well
built.  I'd prefer one that I could fine tune a little bit
more.  The clippard is probably a better value than the
Swagelok -- lots of folks seem to like the Clippard.  You
can get it from a number of sources, I hear; others will
undoubtedly suggest some places.  You can find out about
Clippard here


but I don't recall the model number.  You can find it in
the APD archives.

You can pay less for a regulator and you can pay a lot
more.  I have had cheap ones and more expensive ones and
had variation in performance from each.  But all of them
have been perfectly adequate for aquarium use. $25-$50 is a
good price range to be shopping ing, imo.  I have only had
one fail and that was a more expensive one -- not a
scientific study--just luck.  More expensive ones can be
easier to adjust *sometimes* -- less stiction in the
adjustment mechanism.

Your cheapest place for fittings is probably going to be
Home Depot or Lowes or similar discount hardware joints. 
But you have to be willing and able to spend time shopping
around -- but then, all your fittings probably won't amount
to $10 total.

Dave Bobmberg sells a Fabco valve for less than $30 that's
probably as good as the Swagelok/Nupro is reputed to be.

AquaBotanic sells a good valve for about $18.  I wish I had
one.  I'd like a little more subtlety than my swagelok
provides and I think the valve Aqua B sells has that.

I would check both of those before I bought my next
needle/metering valve.

Good luck, good bubbles
Scott H.

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