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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #445

>Bursting the digests was an obvious solution that I somehow overlooked.  I
>was getting ready to write a Perl script to parse the mbox that Mail.app
>uses and programmatically burst the file,  delete/rebuild the folder's
>index, etc., when I noticed that Entourage has a Mailing List Manager that
>supports bursting digests, so I switched to Entourage this morning, and now
>I can sort by thread again.  Thanks for pointing out a simple solution.
>Steven Bach
It's also pretty terrible to mark and cut all the entries in the digest 
just to reply to one message. Really cumbersome.
I'm using mozilla on the windows side of things. Any plugins you know 
of? I haven't found anything yet.  From what I know of Mail.app it's a 
pretty basic client, and intended just to get the job done. I've never 
used Entourage, but I get alot of calls about it at work.

As for plants, I think I just conquored an infestation of cynobacteria. 
It was hell. I've started to be able to fertilize again, and my leafs 
are regaining colour.