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Re: cutting lilaeopsis

Travis Kinney wrote:

>Good catch! Your right, I was cutting the runners between bunches of
>Not trimming the roots! Big difference and I apologize. I didn't uproot
>plant. I just stuck a pair of scissors into the substrate and cut the
>runners. My marsilea and micro sword patches doubled in density after

I was wondering how you did that too.  What kind of substrate do you have
so that you can fearlessly stick the scissors down into it?  Or do you have
a good source of cheap scissors?  (Just imagining the nails-on-chalkboard
effect of sticking my little scissors into fluorite....)  I'd like to try
lilaeopsis again someday, but it has just collected algae twice, even after
switching to pure fluorite and CO2, so something like this trick might make
it worth tyring again with a  small patch....

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu