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Re: Flourite

My local fish store sells it for the same price ($1 per pound), I would
imagine you should find better prices online. I used the regular color which
has a lot of red in it anyway and I think looks great (yes it has browns and
tans in it too). They didn't carry the red stuff, they said there is little
demand for it. I guess the red would look like a terracotta substrate? In
the bag the regular color looks kind of dark but when wet and under the
lights it looks great.

Try www.bigalsonline.com , I'm sure they have better prices.

Giancarlo Podio

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Since I'm new to this planted tank stuff, I've been trying to research the
best way to start up my 40 gal aquarium.  I've decided on Flourite for the
substrate.  I know there are 2 colors - regular and red.  I've never
actually seen either one close up, but I hear the regular has red, brown and
tan mixed together.  Is this correct?  Which color is most preferred by
those who use it?

Also, would $46.00 for (3) 15lb bags including shipping be the best price I
could get.