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Re: Breeding and Plant tanks

I've set up a 5.5 with crypt parva and Foxtail as a refugee tank for some 
displaced Cherry Barbs and they seem to like spawning there.  The majority 
of the tank is open with parva, rocks, and some small sticks while the 
Foxtail is in a tight bunch in the left rear.  I've also had luck breeding 
Spike Tailed Paradise Fish in a tank heavily planted with large crypts.

While not actively setting out to create a breeding tank I've found that my 
desire to create biotopes has helped spark many of my species to spawn "out 
of sheer luck".  If that's not encouragement to keep going with biotopes or 
to set one up in the future I don't know what is.  :)  I'm also in the works 
of getting a Rasbora heteromorpha setup with Java Fern, Hygro polysperma, 
and an undecided crypt species.

Phil Edwards
Charlotte, NC

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