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Refilling DIY CO2 Bottle

Hi newbie questions & not sure if I should lose any
sleep over them:

1) I heard when some people mix a new brew, instead of
starting from scratch, they empty 1/2 to 1/3 of the
existing brew & top it back up with sugar water.  I
decided to try that, but as soon as I pour sugar water
in, without even shaking it, the old solution
immediately fizzes like crazy, much like opening its
cap after shaking a real bottle of soda vigorously, or
worse.  I imagine there is some CO2 loss right away. 
And naturally, after capping & reconnecting the
bottle, I get a period (didn't time it) of excessive
bubbles into my tank until the brew stablizes.  My
question is whether the loss due to this initial
outburst is significant or not?

2) My DIY is simply connected to a $0.50 air diffusor
(for aquarium air pumps), but the strings of micro
bubbles coming out are already very tiny, diameter
maybe 0.5mm to 1mm, and are almost all gone before
they reach the surface.  My question is whether this
is adequate?  Should I bother with reactors or feeding
this to my canister?

Until I have money & knowledge to install a real CO2
system, DIY will have to do. :P



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