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blehri problems

I have a blehri sword that I'm having some problems
with.  Some of the leaves that are coming in have
glassy patches in the leaves that you can almost see
through.  Others start to come in that have reddish
veins (although this is usually restricted to the ends
of the leaves).  I'm dosing plenty of Flourish
products in addition to the Flourish Tab and Jobes I
gave it recently.  I don't know if any of this has to
do with using the Flourish Nitrogen, but I suspect
not.  There is a pinhole or two on a C. walkeri and
lots of holes on the lower leaves of Gratiola on some
stems, but everything else is fine.  Potassium?  I
would have thought 2 mls per day of the Flourish
Potassium was enough (30 gallons).  

Thanks, Cavan

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