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Re: UV in the tank

Probably would do no harm but probably wouldn't help any either. 
Blacklights are a longer-wave UV and don't have the same mutanigenic 
properties as the short wavelength UV that is used in the sterilizers. They 
also typically run with far lower light output levels.

I suppose you could even say it would hurt a little, since the blacklight 
bulb would take up a bulb spot that could be used for a more useful bulb. 
You'd probably have some strange-looking tank inhabitants too :-)


>This is probably a stupid question, but I've lurked long enough.  If the sun
>bombards us with UV radiation anyway, and plants growing in the wild can
>handle this, what would be the harm in including a 'blacklight' flourescent
>bulb in the tank along with the rest of the lights?  Would it help or hurt?
>Sean Flanagan
>scaniam at nettally_com

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