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Re: Tank background Ideas

I have black plastic eggcrate on the back and sides of my 90 gallon. The
sheets of black plastic eggcrate are suspended off the inner tank surface by
about one inch. The sheets of black plastic eggcrate are mounted on strips
of more black plastic eggcrate material that are two squares wide, and as
long as they need to be, and mounted to the tank with silicone. Behind that
I routed the return water supply through the black plastic Kent modular
piping system. Drilled full of holes. At present, the black plastic eggcrate
is covered in hygrophilia difformis. All return water to the tank first
washes over the roots of the hygrophilia difformis before dispersing into
the tank. A pretty effective plant filter. When it (the hygrophilia
difformis) gets too long, I yank it out, pinch off the back three inches,
and then stick it back into the black plastic eggcrate. It (the hygrophilia
difformis) takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The top edge of the black
plastic eggcrate is slowly being covered by Java Moss. I might try a new
plant someday, but this (the hygrophilia difformis) looks pretty good to me.
It's cheap and easy.