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Re: Gravel question

I've successfully used even the epoxy-coated LFS gravel that is only about 
1.5" deep, but you can do *far* better than that. Flourite is my favorite, 
but is somewhat expensive. I've thought that it seems similar to crushed 
terracotta material, which probably isn't too far off since Seachem pretty 
much says Flourite is just a "specially fracted" iron-bearing clay.

If your quarry gravel provides you with good growth than I see no reason to 
not use it. I would probably put a 3-4+" deep layer in the tank. Tom Barr 
recommended a depth around there to me some time back and I do think the 
plants are happier with it. It certainly allows for a better root system in 
the tank than a 1-2" layer would.

I've never added anything to the gravel besides some of Seachems plant tabs 
myself, and I haven't even used those for a few years now.


>What gravel size, type and depth is best for a planted tank. I'm using a
>medium sized gravel that I picked up from the local DIY store and mixed it
>with some gravel from a Jade quarry. The quarry gravel contains a high
>amount of mineral content-mostly iron and causes some great growth with my
>Aponogetons. They are all in flower and showing very healthy root growth. I
>can't say the same for my dwarf native lilies, since bringing them indoors
>their growth has slowed down and the leaves are much smaller and paler. In
>the same tank I have Crypt wendti and they are slowly spreading over
>everything-I started with 1 plant and now have a dozen or more. This tank is
>90cm x 60cm x 60cm in size has 3 20watt lights on 12 hrs a day, pH is 6.4
>and I use peatwater to keep the pH low. What other additives or changes
>should I make to get my lilies to grow better?
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