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Re: Why a digest? was attacks

If there are Eudora plugins for the Mac to do it, you should be able to 
find Eudora plugins for windows too. Eudora runs on either platform -- you 
do not have to use outlook on windows, there are others :-) You avoid a lot 
of viruses/worms by not using outlook too. Outlook (maybe not outlook 
express) can run local filters and it should be possible to write a "digest 
splitter" for it. I would bet if you searched for something like "+outlook 
+digest +separating" or something similar you could probably find some 
tools that could do this. Friendly local sysadmins may be willing to have 
their mailserver split the digests for you too since on a typical UNIX mail 
server it's not very difficult to modify mail if you know how.

And Erik, don't you go bashing Pine now :-) I've been using it for a looong 
time too. Pine and Lynx. All these new fangled picture-pages made me try 
Netscape years ago, except it was Mosaic then.... Hmmm... ;-)


>>On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 03:41:56PM -0800, Erik Olson
>><erik at thekrib_com> wrote:
> > its constituent messages. To the end reader, it will be no different than
> > receiving the APD as individual messages, except that it happens only
> > twice a day & doesn't put the strain on actwin.com's servers.  I use this,
> > and I can easily reply to individual messages, save a post for archiving,
> > or even filter out crud before reading it.
> > > I don't know how to do this with Outlook (the 95%), but others have
> > mentioned that it IS possible.  Me, I'm still living in 1991 with PINE.
>I did quick search over Google the past week and found very little
>if at all for Windows users. There's certainly tools for Eudora
>under MacOS, not to mention UNIX (which you seem to be using?). Even
>if there are tools for Windows and Outlook (Express), they're really
>well hidden from average user. Just FYI.

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