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Re: Fish stores in Northern Kentucky?Cincinnati

I've been in Atlanta for years now, but I moved from Northern Kentucky. Try 
House of Tropicals in Cincinnati. They have about 500 tanks of fish last time 
I was there (2 yrs ago). Definetly the store to check out if you are in the 
area. They had a website a while ago, www.houseoftropicals.com. I remember 
they had a 4 foot long snakehead in a 300 gallon display tank that they kept 
fed by selling 4 feeder goldfish for $1 and then letting the purchaser watch 
as the monster ate them. It was Channa micropeltes. They also had a several 
hundred galllon display tank that housed a school of Red Belly Phirranas 
(sp?). It is in an old warehouse.

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