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Re: mystery fish

Well, I did learn one additional piece of information this morning.  My
mystery fish is not a he, but rather is a she.  I couldn't find her this
morning for quite a while among the plants.  When she finally did come out
of hiding, here is a strand trailing behind her with an egg attached to

Based on all the information I've received so far, the best bet does
appear to be a bluefin killifish (lucanei goodei), even though the fins do
not look like the photos I have seen.  Of course, it has been next to
impossible to find a decent photo of a female bluefin so that hasn't
helped any.

If anyone has any photos of a female bluefin killifish, I'd love to see
them.  If it turns out that is what my fish is, I want to pick up a couple
more of them.