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Re: Unidentified Fish

: 1. Does the mystery fish have an adipose fin (small unpaired, often fleshy
: fin on the top surface of the cadule penticule, just in front of the
: tail)?


: 2. Do any of the fins have any color, or are they all clear?

	They all are clear as far as I can tell.

: 3. Does the fish have any barbels (sometimes they can be very fine and
: difficult to see)?


: 4. How much space (relatively) is there between the vent and the placement
: of the ventral fin (the unpaired in on the lower surface of the cadule
: penticule, between the vent and the tail)? For example, in a livebearer
: (female) the ventral fin lies directly posterior to the vent, while in a
: lot
: of other fish there is a considerable distance between the vent and the
: fin.

	Pretty difficult to tell, but it looks like they are quite close

You might be able to see most of this a little better on:


On all the photos in the gallery, once you click on the thumbnail, you can
click on the picture again to get the original photo.  The later photos
were taken at 1600x1200 to try to get more detail.

I sat and watched the little bugger for a few minutes while checking out
the answers for you.  As I mentioned before, he hovers.  What I didn't
mention before is he uses his side fins(?) to hover.  He rarely uses his
tail for much unless he wants to scoot forward a good bit.  His movements
are very different than most other fish I've seen.