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Re: Unidentified Fish

Keith, my unidentified fish does not resemble a SAE even remotely when you
see them side by side.  I searched the web looking for images of any of
the Parodon family and found none that looked like it.

Ghazanfar, your photo is the closest thing I've seen so far.
Unfortunately, the other photos of that species I found on the net did not
even remotely resemble it (wrong body structure even).

The Copella Nirofasciata that you gave the link to though does have the
right eyes and mouth structure, the first I've seen similar to this.

A big clue I suspect is how this fish behaves.  As I mentioned, he is
quite passive in nature and his swimming methods are quite unusual.
Rather than appearing to actually swim, he seems to hover and dart around,
but fairly slowly most the time.

Again, I thank everyone for their efforts.  I really want to find out what
type of fish this is as it is quite interesting to have in my planted