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Re: Why a digest?

The main reason I would far prefer individual messages to a digest
because my email app is far better at sorting and searching than
the web interface.  My mail app handles threads better than the web
ui does.  My mail app allows more sophisticated searches.  My mail
app is faster and more responsive.  My mail app allows me to search
and sort messages whether I am online or not.  I have DSL + 802.11
at home, but when I take the iBook out in the world that does not

I do not think that the web ui is bad, but my mail app is certainly
much better, and I would be glad to be able to use it, but the
digest format prevents it.

Also I could filter klez/other irritating viruses and known obnoxious
lawsuit abusing individuals without ever having to see them, rather
than seeing their vestiges pop up in the digest.

Finally the ability to select a flame war thread and delete it
as a whole offers a certain satisfaction...

Chimera is an excellent browser - it's screaming fast.  Tabs rock.
But I still would prefer to read my mail lists as individual emails
than juggle tabs from various searches of a mailing list.

Steven Bach

> My $0.02:
> If you don't like to read the entire digest,
> read the list on the web.
> fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants
> It lets you go to a date index,
> but once you click on an individual message,
> you can go to the *thread*index*.
> Then you can download and wade through just the threads you want,
> whenever you want.
> No scrolling through the text, no programmed filtering.
> You do have to scroll through the subject lines.
> (Hint, hint:  please, put in a subject line!
> instead of just "Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V99 #007")
> Sneakiest of all is to ONLY subscribe in order to post.
> Unsubscribe immediately after posting,
> and you won't be troubled with downloading the digest -- ever.
> The archives are splendid, too.  Searchable within actwin,
> or use google and limit the domain to fins.actwin.com.
> So you don't even ever have to decide whether to keep some useful post 
> or not.
> And the latest labor-saving device:
> I just started using "Chimera" for Mac as a web browser.  Sweet:
> Far faster than Mozilla, but it *has* the useful tabbed browsing.     
> :^)
> So IMHO the lovely actwin site if FAR easier to use than either the 
> digest is,
> or a continual stream of single emails would be.
> Steff Zimsen