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Re:Unidentified fish

 I strongly suspect that its a member of Nannostomus. It looks
 a little like a pencil fish. It certainly sounds like it swims like one.
 the 'mouth' description seems to concur with the opinion.
Just opinions and guesses here...nothing conclusive.

>The fish has a rather peculiar swimming pattern.  It tends to hover a lot
>and then surges forward.  Of course at times it just swims around
>normally, but most of the time it can be seen hovering in place making
>short slow surges forward.  Like I mentioned, it is very passive in
>nature, but quite active and neat to watch -- thus why I want to get it
>identified! ;)
>As I mentioned in private email to someone as well, the mouth structure is
>quite different on this fish too.  Rather than just opening up, it seems
>the fishes mouth opens out.  It is quite different than any of the other
>fish I've owned.