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More on my unidentified fish

Well, I finally managed to get 1 photo in sharp focus of just the fish I'm
trying to identify.  It is at
http://gallery.chady.org/gallery/unidentified/PICT0115.  There are a
couple more photos in that album as well, though most came out
underexposed and I don't have a decent photo editor to lighten them with.

Karen, saw your comment, thanks.  I am still trying to see if I can get it
identified though as it is a very neat little fish.  I mistakenly received 
it from the LFS with a bunch of oticinlus and would love to find another 1
or 2 of them if at all possible.

One thing that is very different about this little fish is its mouth
structure.  It is unlike anything I've seen before, but I also am no
expert on fish. :)