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Re: lighting/hood question

Probably no bulb-death problems, but you will most likely build up a 
"crust" on the tubes over time from water splashes and the like. You also 
have a greater risk of getting the electrical components wet, which will 
cause corrosion that CAN lead to premature failures. Probably best to get a 
piece of 1/16" acrylic at least and make a little barrier to go between the 
hood and tank water. Just make sure you have enough ventilation that the 
plastic doesn't get too soft from the heat.


>  I constructed an oak enclosure for my 2x55W cflo lights, seated on my 29g
>tank (impressive).This enclosure rests on the tank without any acrylic or
>glass underneath. Is this a bad ider? Will this open top cause my bulbs to
>have an early death, due to the humidity?
>Neight G

Waveform Technology
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