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Re: Eheim Rattle Prattle -- or - The Drain Gain

Scott H wrote:

>The Eheim in question is using an old siphon tube that has
>been cut to length more than once in it's life -- somehow,
>it alwasy gets cut shorter and shorter and never the other
>way around...

I think we've all experienced this strange happening in our tanks.
Doubtless it is a micronutrient problem...

Tubing can be spliced with connectors.  I usually use a section of larger
Eheim tubing for a snug fit bridging the two sections externally.  As Eheim
sizes its stuff pretty well and provides markings of the dimensions on the
tube, the "odd tubing box" provides these connectors regularly.  Of course
you do now have a larger diameter section of the attractive green tubing to
conceal in your tank.

The tubing does get a bit stiff after a number of years anyway, so there is
always the replacement/renewal option.