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lighting/hood question


 I constructed an oak enclosure for my 2x55W cflo lights, seated on my 29g 
tank (impressive).This enclosure rests on the tank without any acrylic or 
glass underneath. Is this a bad ider? Will this open top cause my bulbs to 
have an early death, due to the humidity?
Aquarium related injuries
HAHA I was able to sneak this one in on ya! Actually it's an aquarium 
preventative injury. When I clean and prune my tank I usually have my hands 
in the water for quite some time.This is an awkward position for the 
shoulder, it being internally rotated (elbow up, wrist down positioning).Here 
is a stretch that will relax your internal rotators afterwards: Place your 
forearm and palm against the inside edge of a doorframe, fingers pointing to 
the ceiling.Your shoulder and elbow should be bent to 90degrees. Slowly 
rotate your body away from your arm, feeling the stretch in your pectoral and 
anterior delt (try to relax shoulder+ chest). Hold for 30 sec. Feel better... 
Neight G