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Re: replacing Eheim intake tube

Cavan said:

> 2222's intake tube and strainer.  I was thinking of
> replacing it with black pvc or something.  Anyone ever
> done this? 
Lot's of times.  You need to get the replacement tube
connected to the filter.  You can use a tubing with a
nearly-the-same diameter or you can use adapters

> I guess it wouldn't be too hard to match
> the diameter of the tube, but wouldn't the internal
> diameter have to be the same too?  

If the tubing is vinyl, you have a lot of leeway because
you can stretch a tight fitting tubing over a fitting.  You
have a little less leeway in the other diretion.  A slight
loose fitting tubing can be snugged up with a clamp.

> Then there's the
> matter of not having the ridges at the top that help
> the hose get a good grip (one would use and elbow at
> the top I suppose).  

The grooves aren't essential for a watertight connection.

> What about the intake strainer? 
> Is there another one that's black and adaptable? 

There's lot so stuff out there if you hunt, but why not try
a bit of reticulated foam (i.e., filter sponge material)? 
It makes a good prefilter-it's easier to clean than media
inside the Eheim.  One way to get it is to buy some
intended for another filter (Hagen sells it in several
sizes).  You can cut it to fit your needs. 

> Should silicone be used to connect the whole thing?  

Makes it harder to clean if you can't dissassemble.
> I guess it would be a simple matter to attach a barb
> near the bottom of the tube for co2 (since I have done
> away with that awful Eheim diffusor).  

Drill hole, insert barb.  Doesn't need to be sealed since
the pressure in the siphon tube will be lower than outside
the tube.

For clamps, if yor tubing fit isn't snug enough to give you
full confidence, you can use just about any tubing clamp
that's the right size.  I like to use Nylon Snap-Grip Hose
Clamps because they are durable, easy to install and remove
and you can install and remove them even while your parts
are fitted together.

One source is McMaster Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com/).

Just type  "Snap-Grip Hose Clamps" in the Find box and
press enter.  Or type in "Hose clamps" and then select Hose
Clamps(8) from the dial box.

Some folks (Marineland, Vortex) use rubberband type clamps
because they are cheap, apply even pressure, and can't be
overtightened.  I prefer the snap clamps.  *But note* the
Marineland rubber ring clamp can be used as a substute seal
on the inlet elbow at the base of the Ehiem 2213 canister. 
It's hard to find the Ehiem o-ring that's supposed to be
used but the Marienland rings are easy to find.  Home Depot
never seems to have the size O-ring I need :-\

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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