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replacing Eheim intake tube

I'm not too high on the bright green color of my
2222's intake tube and strainer.  I was thinking of
replacing it with black pvc or something.  Anyone ever
done this?  I guess it wouldn't be too hard to match
the diameter of the tube, but wouldn't the internal
diameter have to be the same too?  Then there's the
matter of not having the ridges at the top that help
the hose get a good grip (one would use and elbow at
the top I suppose).  What about the intake strainer? 
Is there another one that's black and adaptable? 
Should silicone be used to connect the whole thing?  

I guess it would be a simple matter to attach a barb
near the bottom of the tube for co2 (since I have done
away with that awful Eheim diffusor).  

Thanks, Cavan

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