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Kasselman book for sale

My apologies, in advance, for posting this "for sale" message.

I was one of the early birds who bought the Kasselman
book from Robert H. Price & shipping came up to $64.
(Thanks to Robert for making this special one-time deal
available to us.)

Today, I received a gift from a very dear friend via
Amazon.com. It was the Kasselman book!

Now, I'm a sentimental old sap. The book my friend sent
me is too valuable to return to Amazon. The thought he
put into sending this gift is far more valuable than the price
of the book.

BTW, I met this friend on the APD list. We've never
personally met since he lives on the other side of the
planet from me. But it hasn't stopped us from becoming
really good friends. That's the power of this list, it's

So ... that's why I'm selling the book I bought from Robert.
The first person to respond to my offer gets it for the exact
price I paid, $64 (if you live in the US).  It's brand new,
does not have my name scrawled in it, and there are no
water stains.

Gotta go ... I need to make the Kasselman book from my
friend an official part of my aquaria book library, by
sprinking some tank water on it.   ;-)


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD