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Re: Water Changes

I have an automatic water change system.  When I installed my tank I cut a
hole in my oak floor, this was a leap of faith, and bought a 75 with three
holes drilled, a pump drain, return and a system drain that goes to the set
tub sink in the basement.  I have a peristaltic pump in the basement and a
reservoir in the form of a 30 tall that the peristaltic pumps from.  This
replenishes the tank at a rate greater than evaporation, has liquid
fertilizer mixed into it, and has some crushed coral in it to PH buffer it.

The system drain was modified to skim the surface.  I would estimate that
the peristaltic pump adds about 1-2 gallons per day above evaporation rate.
I also like this system because the co2 is fed into the pump (a supreme 600
I believe) and the co2 is effectually atomized into very small bubbles.  The
tank used to have quite a surface scum, which is now washed out of the
system on a constant basis taking with it what dissolved organic carbons
would have broken down.  I believe personally that a lot of these are
allopathic chemicals captured by the 'skimmer' effect of the co2 bubbles.