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UV - A Philosophical Comment

The story about an entire tank of tetras dying as a result of their 
dependence on a UV sterilizer feels a little too contrived as to be  
entirely believable.  However, it is true that all forms of hygiene come at 
a cost.

But on that note, lets be realistic.  Most modern aquariums (mine included) 
are, in effect, semi-artificial worlds heavily dependent upon man-made 
technology to make them safe and comfortable for the creatures that live in 
them.  This technology includes various forms of filtration, fortified 
foods, medications, CO2 systems, thermostatically controlled heaters, 
aeration and so on.  UV sterilizers are merely one of the tools that some of 
us use to help combat pathogens and the diseases they cause.  Breeders have 
used them for years and many believe they could not operate without them.

So it is true. One of the risks of any type of technology is the fact that a 
dependency will probably occur.  But long ago, most of us eagerly crossed 
the line into the world of playing God and subsequently using everything at 
our disposal to improve the health and appearance of our tanks.  At any 
rate, I better go count my Cardinal Tetras.


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