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Re: Water Changes

For what it's worth I use a 25 ft. clear plastic hose to syphon H2O from
the tank into the dog's water bowl (the toilet) It has a large gravel
washing attachment at the tank end. To replace the H2O I screw a fitting
that the hose fits tightly over into the kitchen water faucet instead of
the aerator I adjust the output H2O temp on the faucet and when it
balance 2-3 *F higher than the tank temp I turn it off (Noting the
position of the valve) and force the tube over the fixture. After
checking the H2) temperature I then take a large mixing bowl and hold
the tube in it as I walk over and insert the running H2O into the tank.
The gravel washer reduces the input flow into the tank so it doesn't
disturb the gravel etc. I try to keep careful track of the water level
and turn the water off before it overflows. Walk back to the tank and
bring the output end to the sink and slip the other end off the faucet
and coil up the hose from the output end with the now detached end in
the sink. The dishdrainer basket holds the faucet end in the sink. Quick
and lazy it has worked for 25 years.