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Re: Pump for python

I've seen neat things for IV tubing setups (wrong size tubing, so can't use
directly with fish equipment, sigh) that have a bulb in the middle of the
tubing:  you squeeze the rubber bulb, and release,  and I think it has
directional valves so that fluid only comes in one way and goes out the
other side--very quick and easy to increase the rate of fluid flow.

I'd love to have something like that adapted for a python--squeeze a few
times and you're off!  Has anyone every seen anything like this for 1/2
inch or thereabouts tubing?

My current python setup includes an extender to reach a distant tank from
the tap and with the extender, I have to run the tap very wide open to get
good flow, otherwise flow is so slow I sometimes revert to a bucket.

Diane Brown
hating to waste all that water even in damp St. Louis