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re: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick..

rever berate said:
> First he scorns Jack for personality attacks against Tom Barr. But
> than immediately follows with a personal attack on Jack's spelling.

Regarding the spelling comment, please do not attribute
it to James. I wrote it. It was in reference to a long-running
joke on the Aquarists and the Law Compuserve forum.
That comment was not appropriate for this list, and I
apologize to all for posting it.

> But based on the emptiness of his contributions to the
> list in combination with his own history of bashing new
> members, I consider him disturbed.

This is the Aquatic Plants Digest list, run by Actwin.com.
I think you've got this list confused with another aquatic
plants list and someone else named James Purchase. Our
James has made many valuable contributions to this list
and I, for one, consider us very fortunate to have him as
a member.

- shireen

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net