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Re: Water Changes

Tom Wood wrote:
"[ . . . ] and the siphon will start by itself, assuming the outlet
end is lower than the tank. [. . .]  No pumps needed."

In my case, that assumption is not met. 
The tank is on a stand made of a sandwich of 
plywood, cinderblocks, plywood,
and it's only about a foot high.

The sink has built-in drain guards, so I can't 
snake the outlet end of the hose down the plumbing.

I do have a little powerhead in the tank, though,
so I will have to try Bill's system.

Bill Wichers wrote: 
"I have for years used a system to do water changes that consists of a few 
lengths of 5/8" vinyl tubing (with threaded hose connectors), and a Hagen 
802 powerhead."

Thanks, all!